Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Over the knee boots...DIY Project?

Ever since the AW'09 shows where these bad boys were everywhere, I've had a thing for over the knee boots. Having slim calves, it's always been difficult finding boots, let alone boots that need to fit about 3/4 of your entire leg. I did eventually find a pair, they were flat (5'11 + borderline hooker boots + 5 inch heels = not so good for everyday wear) suede, and from Dune. I wore them four times and the back of the heel had become so worn you could see the 'inside' (lining? padding? the bit between the inside and the suede) of the boot. So I had to return them, and that was the death of my thigh-high boot wearing.

They may have been a trendy item last year, but they have definitely re-emerged lately - not as a one-season-wonder but as just as much of a classic as the ankle or knee-high boot.

And this, is why I have decided I want to own a pair again. I even announced it on twitter. That's how you know it's official.

Geneva of the amazing DIY blog A Pair and a Spare suggested a mid-heel suede pair from an old Zara collection which she found on ebay, unfortunately I'm a lot less lucky when it comes to ebay shopping. Anyway, whilst searching for something similar, I came across these...

They were DIYed by Love Maegan out of an old leather skirt, she does a great, detailed tutorial - click on the link.

If I can find a cheap pair of leather trousers, leggings, or a skirt, or anything along those lines, and a nice inexpensive pair of basic ankle boots, I'm going to try and make some. I think I'd like them more fitted, and more like the Rodarte ones in the first picture in this post, so I'd put ties all the way up.

What I'm stuck on is whether to make them using leather like in Maegan's tutorial, or whether to try suede. At least which to try first, if they work out well I'll do both. I know primark have some leathery and some faux suede leggings in at the moment, perfect for cutting up and experimenting with. I'm going to raid a charity shop or two today as well just in case they have some better quality material.

Do you guys have any ideas/ suggestions / anything to say regarding this DIY? I hate starting things and not finishing so if you have any words of wisdom please share! 


  1. i'd try suede first. i like suede :)
    i have crazy muscular calves so my problem is finding boots i can get my legs into...

  2. mm me too. I'll get another pair of suede leggings and look for some cheap ankle boots to attach the top part to. Finding boots is a pain in the ass either way ):