Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Is that really you?


Like most people my age, I'm a serial high street shopper. When I'm looking in vintage stores and markets I prefer the pieces to find me rather than the other way round, and when it comes to splashing out a bit more than usual, nine times out of ten it'll be on something I've wanted for a while and have done my research on. So that's why the majority of what I own comes from the high street.

That said, there are certain stores I just won't touch with a barge pole. I've always liked New Look for their shoes and boots, and occasionally their other accessories. Other than that, New Look was simply a 't-shirt and jeans' shop in my eyes, nailing the trends about three months after everyone else, and just not having the same (cheap) chic quality that you'd find in Zara or Topshop.

But, dear followers, New Look has progressed. All the images in this post are from their Spring/Summer 2011 collection which I was able to preview @ their press day last month. I can safely say I was pleasantly surprised to find that New Look had 'upgraded' their fabric choices and will be stocking everything from intricately crocheted jackets to perfectly worn-in festival clothes come next year.

Oh, and everything's still super affordable.



  1. Ooh I really like these pictures, the shoes look interesting. I've never really bought anything from new look but I think I need to pay attention this spring.

  2. Definitely worth checking them out, they have some amazing 70s inspired pieces coming in that reminded me of Chloe!

  3. big sigh after reading your post. I live where I can't get to New Look, H&M, Topshop etc. I have to come to London to just be able to visit all those wonderful stores!
    (i try not to shop online, never have luck with sizing)

    Thanks so much for you comment. Please let me know if you try to paint soles. A blogger friend (Pearl of Fashion Pearls of Wisdom) also suggested electric blue. I loved the idea, but it was after i finished my DIY :(

  4. p.s.
    Love those booties in the last shot. Thanks for following, I'm doing the same!

    New Look had this velvet maxi skirt in black and purple and when I first saw it i realized i had an identical skirt from ages ago from some no brand... please check it out if you wish:

  5. Ouch! I think I'm going to paint the soles of the boots I have on in Jill's post red, they were starting to look a little worn so should be the perfect revamp!

    Thanks for the follow and you're welcome,love what I've seen of your blog! xx

  6. Update: have just done the first two coats, it's unreal what a bit of paint can do to old shoes!