Friday, 24 December 2010

Elizabeth Lau's Pop-Up Boutique

The lovely Elizabeth Lau invited myself and some fellow fashion folk down to her Pop-Up Boutique off Carnaby st. in London for afternoon tea. The boutique is honestly one of the most thought-out I've ever seen -  attention to detail seems like an understatement. Every element of the decor compliments the clothes. There were even goldfish in the walls (which I'm told will be going home with the designer herself when the shop closes, so don't worry). I wish I'd got some more photos - these really don't do it justice, but when some more from the event I'll post the links for you to see.

Tea, cupcakes and a nice long chat about blogs we love, hate and rate and some other general banter made for a wonderful afternoon.

Thanks to Elizabeth for having us, and to Kit for letting me know about this lovely little place.


  1. Oh Marin, this is a lovely post - I'm looking through your blog now, it's wonderful. I love your illustrations, too, and those rings... I didn't get time to post anything before we left for the week so I haven't even opened the shots from Elizabeth's tea party - I wanted to get a post up so people could still have a chance to go before it closed, I really didn't want it to pop down, it was just such a special treat and I agree, really so creatively and lovingly put together.

    I'll send you shots soon. Thanks for your sweet comment, I'll pass it on to Roz. You have to meet her, she's lovely - like you. xx

  2. Thanks Jill! Means a lot coming from a kind of blogging master haha! More illustrations coming soon - I have some ready to post just need to get around to scanning them.

    It's such a shame about the store closing - I don't think it got even half as much of the publicity or recognition it deserved - if it wasn't for Kit I probably wouldn't have ever been to it. Not to mention Elizabeth herself, such a genuinely lovely person.

    Thanks for the photos. Please do! I'd love to meet Roz, just from reading her blog she seems like such a nice girl. Perhaps another blogger meet-up type thing needs to happen!