Tuesday, 24 May 2011

New Work

I've been super busy, and had very little time to blog in the way I usually would (or at least would like to). I have to say thanks to everyone for not unfollowing me, in four weeks I'm done with college and have all the time in the world to blog properly... but until then what I *can* do is share an editorial I did a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy

Editorial - Milk Magazine  shot by Claire Pepper. Please click through for full credits, the team were amazing!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

is daniel browne agency a scam? they asked me to pay 500 pounds for a portfolio? do you know anything/or have heard about this agency?

DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MONEY! THIS IS A SCAM. NO LEGIT AGENCY WILL EVER ASK YOU FOR MONEY UPFRONT, EVER, PERIOD, FULL STOP. I cannot stress this enough, no matter how bad you want to model or how good the deal seems, run a mile .

Ask away.

I'm looking for a fashion based work experience, preferably at a modelling agency, do you have any advice about how I could begin my search or just general advice on a fashion based work experience? Thanks so much :)

email email email! Write yourself a good cover letter, and do a CV tailored to the kind of work you're applying for, and send them to all the agencies you can. Also twitter is becoming increasingly used for business, put out a few tweets send them to a few good contacts and you might be surprised. They don't usually list things at modelling agencies on here, but LCF creative careers is an amazing website with listings of internships/jobs in the fashion world http://www.arts.ac.uk/student/careers/creative-opportunities.htm As for advice I'd say be prepared to start at the bottom and no matter how shit the job seems at first, putting the effort in will pay off eventually xx

Ask away.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

I love your blog, but can't help thinking surely the bad outweighs the good of the fashion industry? The mass pressure it exerts on woman to look 'perfect' and be 'thin' is without a doubt the main reason why anorexia and bulimia are so common.

Firstly, thank you (: But I disagree. I find it hard to get my opinions on this across but I'll word this as best I can... Of course there are negatives, and we all know that 'thin' is portrayed as being beautiful in high fashion but I think the problem(s) don't initially stem from the fashion industry at all. Most eating disorders aren't about wanting to be thin at all, the weight loss is more of a by-product of wanting to control something in their lives and what you eat is one of the few things you can have full control over. Yes, the industry might act as a trigger but we need to STOP BLAMING IT OUTRIGHT. Think about it, if someone's willing to let a photograph, (a photograph which has probably used the most flattering camera angles possible and been edited heavily in post-production) 'get' to them or dictate how they should look then is the *real* issue what's in the photograph or people's own attitudes?

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