Monday, 13 September 2010

Haven't used this blog in ages

Which is mainly because I use my other blog much more, and I contribute a lot more to LDN Fashion. But I can't really use either of those as a personal blog, so I'm back here.

First things first, I AM GOING TO FASHION WEEK! I'm not sure how many shows yet, but even if it's just the one that I already have my invite to I will still be over the moon. Attending London fashion week was kind of a lifetime goal, so to already be given the opportunity to go (as press, might I add!) is amazing, and has pretty much made my year.
College has started again for me, and I'm loving it so far, even if it HAS only been a day. I have 2/3 of my old teachers and I find out if I have the same one for art tomorrow. Would be great to have kept all the same teachers, they were all pretty good to be honest. Apart from music of course. But if you know me you'll already know about that, and if you don't, I wouldn't want to bore you with it.
What's also exciting is that I'm applying for university soon. I can't wait until that's all done and I (hopefully) start getting offers. It'll just give me that extra motivation to do well this year (:

That's all I feel like writing about for now, but I'll probably post again on thursday, I'm attending a couple of exciting events which I will tell you all about!


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