Saturday, 14 August 2010

Loving & Loathing

Taking inspiration from Zanna's ''In & Out'' post and compiling a list of what I'm liking and disliking at the moment.


Sample Sales and Outlet stores. 
Buy one get one free on Topshop clothes? YES PLEASE (even if one does have to rummage)

I am also loving Multiple rings 
Bonus points for anything vintage. 4/5 of the rings in the picture are oldddd.

...just wait for the drop and you'll understand.

I love love love blogging and writing articles. As I said I now contribute to which I am really happy about (:
And I have my other more serious fashion blog:

It's just hilarious. According to formspringers, am a rumoured hermaphrodite...evidence? Because I'm tall. I also ''look like a sex addict'', and apparently think I'm amazing.




Blonde hair that isn't natural
unless it looks absolutely ridiculously super rad, like Daul Kim for example. But generally, no.

Above: Victim of bleach, aka me. haha (:

Rubbish Books

e.g. some of the ones on my reading list for English Lit. I love reading, but good things, please.

And Tumblr, for that matter. Please sort yourselves out, you are my main source of internet entertainment.

AS Level results?
Now I COULD end up loving this, but I doubt it. I will probably be hating what I get, because I have a terrible feeling I have done badly. Oh dear. COME ON AUGUST 19th, PUT ME OUT OF MY MISERY.

That's all for now folks!

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  1. i think your hair looks really good actually!
    good luck with your results! :)