Sunday, 25 July 2010

Review - no.2 - Rimmel 1,2,3 Looks Mascara

I bought this a while ago when my other mascara broke (While I'm here I'll do a super quick review within a review and say never buy Gosh mascara because it's shit). It was on offer in boots for about £5 I think, and I'm a sucker for a new product so thought I'd try it out.

Claims: Rimmel say that with this mascara you can create not one, not two, but three different looks by adjusting how much product is loaded onto the wand, and therefore varying the volume. 

Well, you CAN adjust the mascara tube but it really doesn't make much difference to how much mascara gets on the applicator, neither does it make much difference to how thick your lashes are.
Pros: It's cheap
Cons: It doesn't do what it says it does.

Even if you think of it as a 'regular' mascara it still isn't very good, the older rimmel products are much better.
It isn't terrible though, so I shall use it until it finishes, then probably return to one of the three greatest mascaras I've ever used:

Chanel Imitable
YSL (any of them!)

Maybelline Colossal

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