Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Fashion Week AW11: The Double Life

Me on the runway!

Anyone's who's been reading this blog for a while will know that last season I attended London Fashion Week for the first time, to cover shows for LDNfashion, the website I write for. I'd become so used to watching the shows, trying to observe as many details as I could whilst trying to get a snap of every look for future reference that when I started working towards being on the catwalk, it was...well a little odd.

The funny thing is, at show castings I was less interested in staring down the other models -my competition effectively - but more interested in trying to get a sneaky glimpse at the almost finished collections at the designers' studios. (Sass + Bide was old news by the time they showed)

Anyway, over the past week I've had this really odd feeling, I've kind of been overwhelmed by how well modelling has gone so far, especially how quickly it's happened. When I was taken on by Select I said that there were three things I wanted to achieve - to walk one show, do an editorial and book a campaign/money job before I turned 18. I've done that in four weeks so I'm kind of what? Which is the fun thing, I don't know where this will take me, but I'm loving it (: Big thanks to my bookers, and everyone at Select who have been amazing. 

This is starting to sound like a bloody Oscar speech or something.

Right, the shot is from the Lako Bukia show @ Vauxhall Fashion Scout which was my first ever runway walk, and nicked from

My editorial for the Sunday Times Style is out on Sunday (that's what I've been told, anyway) so go buy it ok?

More updates soon, I promise. A video blog may even be needed. 



  1. sounds amazing! i really want to go to LFW next year. this look is gorgeous!

  2. Congrats my dear can't wait to see you in The Times!

  3. Congratulations on your recent sucess, your life sounds enchanting!
    Beautiful photo and great blog! :)