Monday, 31 May 2010

D.i.y: Louboutin inspired studded trainers

"Stop complaining and do something about it"

I'm not one of those people who simple moans about people having the same thing, and claims to have been the first person in existence to wear/listen to/make something. It's stupid, if YOU know about something, chances are someone else does too.

Having said that, no, I don't particularly like it when I see a large number of people with the same thing as me, so after coming face to face with about five people with these H&M trainers in the space of a week I decided I should customise them, and I made these studded beauties. I've worn them out only once and I was asked where they're from.

Unlucky, stranger.




  1. ah, i love this.
    i tried studding some areas to go with the sharpie doodles, but it was super tricky :/

  2. oh? My studs went in really easily apart from at the very front!